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Jan 19 2013

Man Caves: The Garage

Image via The Garage Journal


The garage is the quintessential man cave. Before boys got too cool for school to hang out in the garage tinkering with their fathers or grandfathers, it was the place many of us learned to use tools and make simple household repairs. It’s where we built our first go-cart, worked on Boy Scout projects and fixed our bicycles. Still today, the garage remains a mythical fortress of solitude where men getaway to think and create.

Jack Olsen built this immaculate 20’ X 22’ LA garage we see above. He wanted a reminder of the time he spent working in the shop with his father. He calls calls his man cave the 12-Guage Garage, where does some welding, woodworking and the occasional home or auto repair. It’s equipped with great lighting and multiple workbenches. And with all the tools and equipment, he needed excellent storage. Olsen opted for heavy-duty steel cabinets he dug up on eBay. If you want your garage to be tidy, organized and looking good, you cant go wrong with steel cabinets. And check out the garage floor. When he noticed Home Depot had a great deal on ceramic tile, he says he jumped on the opportunity to teach himself how to set tile and give his garage a more polished look. We think its pretty sweet job.

If youre looking for more ideas to help you turn your garage into a better organized space, where you can work and perhaps pass on the love of making and fixing stuff, you should check out the rest of these garages.

Image via Make



“We all know boys are messy, but men keep their stuff nice and organized” quipped The Auto Insider in a post for Jalopnik on creating the perfect man cave. And, if organization is what separates men from boys, Craig Crutchfield’s workshop garage is a MAN cave in the truest sense. With wall-to-wall pegboard to give every tool and instrument in your garage a home, you’ll be able to man-up too.


Images via (clockwise): Trash To Treasure, American Woodworker, Family Handyman & Ashbee Design


MacGyvering solutions out of improbable materials is perhaps one of the main reasons the garage became the first man cave. Its the perfect place of hone your skills at hacking old filing cabinets and PVC pipe for tool storage units and fashioning tape dispensers out of wood scraps and a saw blade. (Didnt we say something about storage and organization just now?)



Image via Cecy J


Nothing says grown man like an impeccable hangout where you can park all your toys and handle your business. Modular garage cabinet systems provide storage capacity and functionality without having compromise on style.



Image via Harrison Architects


The perfect man cave is not always about resources, but resourcefulness. Although a lot obviously went into building this garage designed by Harrison Architects, most of the storage cabinets, workbenches and seating were reclaimed from schools, bowling alleys and other demo sites.

Image via Harrison Architects


The real takeaway here to help you build a better man cave in your garage is the time and patience put into the planning, sourcing and reusing materials in a responsible, cost-effective way.

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